International S.S.G.K. Maestro Olympiad (ISGMO)

Most of the people may think that social science and general knowledge are the most useless subjects in a school student’s academic career. However, after class X these two subjects suddenly becomes very useful for scoring higher marks in national or international Competitions By appearing in this exam from the very starting of a student’s career, there will be no need to prepare in a hurry at the last moment wasting valuable time which should be spent on other main stream subjects. In other words, by appearing in this exam every year, a student will adequately be prepared to excel in these subjects for scoring higher marks in entrance examinations after 10th or 12th classes.

Awards & Prizes

Prizes and Awards in 1st level

  • All class toppers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class top rank holders for every subject will be entitled to a GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medal respectively with 70% and above marks after the 1st level. All participants will be issued a certificate reflecting their marks obtained, class rank and Olympiad rank.

Prizes and Awards in 2nd level 

  • 1st Olympiad rank holder of each class with 90% and above Marks will be presented with a TAB along with an attractive memento for their achievement in 2nd level after the result is declared.
  • 2nd Olympiad rank holder of each class with 80% and above Marks will be presented with a DIGITAL CAMERA along with an attractive memento for their achievement in 2nd level after the result is declared.
  • 3rd Olympiad rank holder of each each class with 70% and above Marks will be presented with a MOBILE PHONE along with an attractive memento for their achievement in 2nd level after the result is declared.
  • 4th to 10th Olympiad rank holders from each class of each subject will be presented with a BRANDED WRIST WATCH.
  • 11th to 30th Olympiad rank holders will be presented with a BRANDED PEN.

Prizes and Awards in 3rd level

1st, 2nd and 3rd Olympiad rank holders (maximum mark obtained from the 3rd level) out of all the subjects will be presented with a scholarship Cheque worth ₹ 70,000/-, ₹ 50,000/- and ₹ 30,000/- respectively. Level 3rd will be conducted in Delhi in the month of either July or August 2021. All the prizes will be delivered to the school within 6/7 weeks of the result declared at our website for any level of competition/examination


  • Unit-I Our Surroundings, Our Dresses, Family and Relations, Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, Our Country, Unit-II: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Festivals, Indian Dances, Unit-III: Indian Personalities, Festivals and Places of Worship, Water Animals, Our Helpers, Our Sense Organs, Unit IV, Parts of Body, Indian Players, Means of Transport, Buildings and Monuments, Indoor and Outdoor Games Unit-V: Our Leaders, Mixed Question & Answer, Cities & Rivers, Important Days, Tourist Places
  •  Unit-I: Our Surroundings, Parts of Plants, Use of Plants |Our Body, Home of Animals, Unit-II: Sound of Animals Sports, My Country, Insects, Common Birds, Unit-III: Games, People of the World, Dresses of India, Seasons, Personalities (India & World) Unit-IV: Important Day, Books and Authors, The Universe, Food of Animals, National, Religious and, Family Festivals, Unit-V: Abbreviations, Film Industries, Sports- Players, People and Their, Profession, Current Affairs
  •  Unit-I: Our Neighbouring Countries, Great Moments, Different Games, Religious Places in India, Music and Dance Unit-II: Sports, Continents and Oceans, Indian Personalities, About Insects, Books and Authors Unit-III: Historical Buildings and Monuments, People and Places, Great Personality of India, Sports, Famous places the World Unit-IV: Places in India, Means of Livelihood, Our Solar System, Abbreviation, National Symbols Unit-V: Tallest, Biggest, Greatest, Inventions, Flags of Various Countries, Great Women of India, Current Affairs
  •  Unit-I: States and its Capitals, Country and its Capital, Our Neighbouring Countries, Great Monuments Different Types of Sports and Major Sporting Events, Inventions & Inventors, Unit-II: Religious Places in India, Types of Dances, Inside our Body, Continents and Oceans, Actors and Actresses Unit-III: Famous Authors and their Books Indian Monuments, Places and People of India, Great Personality of India, Sports, Unit IV, The Animal Family, Famous Site of the World, Different Types of Professions Unit-V: Famous Sports and Sports Person, Our Universe, Abbreviations, Religion, Current Affairs
  •  Unit-I: State and its Capital, Country and its Capital, Persons Associated with Sports, Religious Place and its Importance, Rivers, Cities and Countries, Famous Buildings of the World Unit-II, Countries and its Capitals, Flag of Various Countries, Major Inventions and Discoveries, Major Mountain Chains of the World, Famous Authors, Religions of the World Unit-III: Inventors, Women in Cinema, Dams and Waterways Major Sporting Events Unit-IV: Hill Stations, First in India and World, Books and Authors Famous Personalities of the World, Longest in India, Unit V, Airports and Airlines Deserts and Plateaus of the World, Famous Institutions |Sanctuaries and Parks, Abbreviation
  •  Unit-I: Features of India, Books and Authors, India and its History, Art and Artist, First in India, Freedom, Struggle Unit-II: Awards and Honours, Freedom Fighters of India, Important Dates, Around the World, Biggest in the World Unit-III: Places of e World, Abbreviations, U.N.O & Its Agencies, First in Space, Largest, Longest, Highest Unit-IV: Our Constitution, Indian Railways & Airways, National Symbols, Nation, Currency, Flag, Historical Buildings and Monuments in India Unit-V: Major Rivers of the odd, Highest Honours of Various, Countries, Discoveries and Inventions, National Award Current Affair
  •  Unit-I: Dates and Events (World), Books & Authors, Indian Politics, Abbreviation Unit-II: First in India, Nick Name, My Country, Important Books, Important Places of India Unit-III: Festival of India, Indian Personalities, First in India, Important Dates in History, Important Years & Dates, Freedom Struggle Unit-IV: Film, Invention & Discoveries I Sports- Terms & Measurement, Our Universe Unit-V: Parliament & State Assemblies, Slogans, Old and New names, Our Constitution, Current Affairs
  •  Unit-I: Solar System I Important Dates, Abbreviations Inventions & Discoveries Unit-II: U.N.O, NAM |SAARS, Major Ports of India/Hill Station, Foreign Policy of India, Unit-III: Books and Authors, National Parks and Game Sanctuaries, Major Airports of India, Cities and Rivers, Atomic Research Centres in India Unit-IV: Indian Constitution, Dates and Events, Battles and Wars, World War I & II, Buddhism and Jainism Unit-V: National Flag, National Animal, Bird, Flower, Symbols, India & its Neighbouring Countries, Parliament, Current Affairs
  •  Unit-I: Constitution/Fundamental Rights, Democracy, Parliament, Judiciary in India & World, Election in India Unit-II: French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Rise of Hitler, The Story of Cricket, UNO and its, Agencies Unit-III: Famous Sites/ Major Ports of India, Towns and Places, National Parks, Important Rivers, Names of Parliament Unit-IV: Currencies, Inventions and Discoveries, U.N.O and its Agencies, SAARC, National & International Awards Unit-V: Sectors of Indian Economy, National Freedom Movement, Multi Purpose River- Valley Project, Money and Banking, Current Affairs, Major Stock Exchanges of the World
  •  Unit-I: Democracy, Economic Development/Planning, Globalization, Money & Credit, Consumer Awareness, Major Stock Exchanges of the World Unit-II: Constitution, President/Vice President/Parliament, National Freedom Movement, Human Right, Public Service Commission Unit-III: U.N.O & its Agencies, Indian Town Associated with Industries, Important Day and Year |Human Diet, vitamins, Balance Diet, Awards and Honours Unit-IV: Sports, Science, History & Geography, India’s Relation with its Neighbouring Countries, Medical Equipments, Unit V, National Highways, First in India & World Railways & Banking, Five Year Planning & Economic Policy, Current Affairs

Important Date & Venue

Last Registration Date Examination Date
15 October, 2020 10 November, 2020
01 November, 2020 07 December, 2020
  • 1st level will be conducted for all the registered participants in their respective schools on the scheduled dates for a particular subject.
  • 2nd level examination will be conducted in the month of February  among 600 topers of 1st level from all the subjects to select the top ranking participants of the Olympiads. The venue will be again the school itself.
  • 3rd level examination will be conducted between number 1st Olympiad rank holders of 3rd to 12th only from all the subjects in Delhi to select top three winners.