International IQ Genius Olympiad (IIQGO)

It is imperative, particularly among school students, to assess and monitor their mental ability which can help the parent as well as school to find out the reason of poor academic performance from very early stages of their life. For example, suppose a student’s IQ level is above genius category however, he or she is not performing well in academic which means they are wasting their time somewhere else rather than studying. So, by monitoring the IQ result the parent can find a solution to get rid of their problem. _is is where CPS IIQGO is very useful. By participating in this Olympiad, a student can judge where he or she lacks despite having adequate IQ level. This IQ Olympiad will also help a student to participate in any kind of national or regional quiz contest. In India there are not much authentic platforms for the school students to check their IQ level and CPS is an International platform to prove their mettle, so far as Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level is concerned. We request the school authorities to declare this Olympiad mandatory as after this test, the school will also be in a position to know about the students IQ level and if necessary, can work upon certain areas to improve in future.

How the test will be conducted:

    The test will be of objective type multiple choice questions (MCQ) type. For Class 3rd to 5th there will be 40 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. Whereas, from Class 6th to 12th there will be 50 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. Examination medium will be English only. The Olympiad will be completed in one level only.

Award & Prize

    1st prize scholarship worth Rs. 5000, 2nd prize scholarship worth Rs. 3000, 3rd prize scholarship worth Rs. 2000.
    All the prizes will accompany a trophy and a certificate reflecting IQ level


Number Series, Letter and Symbol Series, Continuous Pattern Series, Syllogism, Statement and argument, Logical Reasoning problems, Analogy, Alphabet test, Word Building, Missing Characters, Classication–Odd one out, Spatial and Data interpretation, Pattern recognition, Figure counting, Dice, Time, Clock and Calendar, Mathematical operations, Number ranking, Coding-Decoding, Input-output, Directions, Bloodrelations, Mensuration and probability, Scientic facts, Visualization.

Important Date & Venue

Last Registration Date Examination Date
15 October, 2020 23 November, 2020
01 November, 2020 10 December, 2020