CPS Olympiads Foundation is an educational conglomerate registered with the government with a mission to promote competition among school students by providing them with an international platform to excel in their academic career. CPS has organized various educational Olympiads and competitive examinations from time to time, every year for the students to participate and compete in. The significance of these examinations are that they reflect the correct insight of a real competition such as the IIT/ JEE and many other such competitions which come in a student’s academic career, unlike solely based it on local or regional standards.
CPS Olympiads are very useful as the foundation provides a specialized platform for the school students to excel in future examinations with all the correct and practical features of a real competition. These include a world class standard of quality questions, different difficulty levels as per aptitude and even negative marking for higher classes which is not followed by any of the other groups in India.
By taking part in our Olympiads, the student becomes accustomed to these competitions from a very early age and becomes fearless when they face the actual competition after their 10th/12th standard. Our Olympiads will prepare the students with fast problem solving skills, explore the unexplored areas of the syllabus with special emphasis on easy ways to understand a question, hence making it easy for a student to solve and pass with flying colours. Once your esteemed school participates in our Olympiads, you will automatically feel the difference in the understanding and solving abilities of your students. In other words, by motivating a child, the parent or the school will come to know their ward’s/ student’s academic standings in his/her class as compared to the counter-parts from across India and abroad.


Recommended language repertoire
1. Introduction: People always say / have always thought / agreed / agreed / sais / believe …, It is a controversial / burning / hot question … is a more info here / discussion / no agreement …
2. Main part:
Typical alliances and allied revolutions:
on the one hand … on the other hand; Firstly, To begin with, Secondly, Finally; In addition, Besides, Moreover, What is more, Furthermore; However, Despite this, In spite of this; In fact, As a matter of fact; As a result, Consequently
Other expressions: One major advantage is …, As advocates of … claim / argue, As critics point out / claim …, There is a number of disadvantages / weaknesses / drawbacks / downsides
3. Conclusion: All in all, To sum up, In conclusion, In summary, In general; it seems important to add / point out / remind that …, the issue / debate is far from