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Welcome to the world of competition promotion society. The society is registered as a not-for-profit N.G.O. under the society’s acts with the government of Delhi. The mission of the society is to promote competition among schools students. In this era of fierce competition in every field and sphere of life, the school students must have an idea of
how to compete in a national or global entrance examination or any other competitive examination. This is where our society is very useful with it’s mission of enhancing the school student’s academic level beyond the regular studies of the school and prepare them for any future competition and help them to clear the same with great success. To implement the same, the society organizes various educational programs and events such as Olympiads on various subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Computer, GK, Hindi and IQ. These educational programs and Olympiad events are extremely beneficial for school student as student can check his or her mettle on an International platform and at the same time, get the taste and thrill of the global academic standard. Local or regional competitions does not provide a correct picture of a global standard. In various Olympiads and other educational events, numerous schools and students participates from India and abroad (with Indian Syllabuses) every year just to judge, where academically they stand in comparison with their counterparts.


Recommended language repertoire
1. Introduction: People always say / have always thought / agreed / agreed / sais / believe …, It is a controversial / burning / hot question … is a more info here / discussion / no agreement …
2. Main part:
Typical alliances and allied revolutions:
on the one hand … on the other hand; Firstly, To begin with, Secondly, Finally; In addition, Besides, Moreover, What is more, Furthermore; However, Despite this, In spite of this; In fact, As a matter of fact; As a result, Consequently
Other expressions: One major advantage is …, As advocates of … claim / argue, As critics point out / claim …, There is a number of disadvantages / weaknesses / drawbacks / downsides
3. Conclusion: All in all, To sum up, In conclusion, In summary, In general; it seems important to add / point out / remind that …, the issue / debate is far from